Upcoming and Forward


Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since we’ve hung out (and trust me, I’ve taken note), so it’s time to do some catching up/revamping/forewarnings for all the lovely people who come out and read this blog. There isn’t too much philosophical or social identifying posts today, and that’s something that I’ve been struggling with for the past month as to what to do with 100 Ways to Write from now and forward.

I always said that 100 Ways to Write was there for me. It’s true, and because it has served such an important role in my journey to self-discovery, it’s very hard for me to let it go. So, I’m not. Yesterday, I had lunch with the dean, who told me that life isn’t about balance (not sure if I can agree with him on that). Either way, he said that life can never be balanced because you will always have forces pulling you in different directions: ambitions, comfort, love, ideas, discovery, etc. We always talk about dropping one of these things in order to easily balance the rest: ie. drop your love life in order to focus on your ambition. However, when we reach that point where we are dedicated to almost everything we do, we can’t drop anything more. Why? Well, because we like it too much.

When he told me this, I stopped and thought for a second. For the past few weeks, I’ve been considering to stop blogging on 100 Ways to Write. It’s not because I don’t love all of you or even writing, in general, but time is time. I have to sacrifice about an hour to two hours every night to this blog in order to write. That’s two hours of sleep I don’t get (I’m not being selfish…I get 3-4 hours a sleep a night, if I’m lucky). For personal health reasons and mental capacity, I stopped blogging for about a month. It just wasn’t going to happen because my classes got harder, more opportunities came up to advance my career, and I still wanted to enjoy my life with my friends and family.

That sounds sort of selfish.

It’s not, though. Sometimes, we have to do things for ourselves, whether that means sacrificing what we love for it. That’s what I did for a month: I took a “break.”

Then, I thought about what the dean told me: there’s no such thing as balance. Like I’ve said multiple times, 100 Ways to Write means way too much to me to formally give up. So I will formally state that I will continue to blog. However, please do not expect me to do so as frequently. Rather than every other day, I may have to shift to about twice a month, including guest posts. I still find it important for all of us to learn something new, and quitting 100 Ways to Write may actually take away some of the journey, experiences, and knowledge that we would gain otherwise. You all have done so much for me, and I appreciate it so much.

The blogging may pick up in frequency should I travel or discover something new or have more time. Unfortunately, my life feels like there’s a fat man sitting on it while I’m trying to run as quickly and as effectively as possible. Is this stress? Yes, but I cannot put my life on hold just yet. I’m not ready to do that right now.

But I’m not stopping, so please stay with me, and thank you all for understanding!



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