On the Steps of Notre Dame


Early this day

Pigeons waddle towards me

To eagerly listen to me

Tell a story

And as the wind blows by frigidly

I hear another sound

It’s the blasting car horns in the back

It’s the sans-abri packing their things

And it’s the silence

that can only be appreciated

Early this day

Fog clogs the air

And the towers of Notre Dame


As the slightly


And as the hand strikes seven

The bells ring

Bold and majestic

Pulling out an inner soul

Like a different person

I’m finally alone

No tourists

No drama

No nothing

Just me and the sans-abri

As I watch them leave their home on the streets

Just me and these pigeons

Hungrily waiting for more

Just me and myself

Seeing the air I breathe

Watching the gargoyles stare


But always


~Brought back for the Daily Post

3 thoughts on “On the Steps of Notre Dame

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  2. This is a beautiful post and i love the line ” me and myself” ~ that is so philosophical and I know exactly how it feels. Best time to see any well known and beautiful place is before or after the tourist visit!


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