The New Year’s Binge Shopping

Here’s your new year’s resolution: don’t think about what you should be doing by giving yourself empty promises, like “I’m going to go to the gym more this year.” You never know the future…you may or may not follow through with your resolution. In most cases, you will most likely not take action. So, the best thing to do is to look at the past and to STOP doing certain things.

It’s not easy to stop our bad habits, and that’s totally fine. But, maybe we should start with the easy steps and try to learn how to make our resolutions through those: materialistic goods and shopping styles.

You see, New Years’ is the second biggest day for binge shopping, right behind Black Friday. Sales are posted in store windows to broadcast to the world, “Hey, it’s a new year. It’s time to get some new shit.”

Resist them. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely possible.

  1. Ignore the calling: These store windows are yelling at you, “Come here! Buy me! I’m on sale!” You’ve got to know when to say no, though. Everyone wants to change: their looks, their styles, their personalities. Different colors and fads will decorate the halls and the desire to dress yourself in this “change” is irresistible. But, honestly, you’ve just got to STOP. Stop letting people tell you how you should dress or how you should act. Stop listening to them – you don’t have to be exactly like them. Nobody has to be exactly like the other person: it’s what makes you you.
  2. Learn how to say the word “No”: Have you ever been to a straw market where youvisa-declined have to bargain with the seller to buy the good at the cheapest price possible? You know how much they resist you? Yeah, you’re not the only one who’s trying to get what they want. Now, I’m not saying you should bargain with the sales woman had Macy’s…don’t do that. That’d be pretty ratchet. But, if a salesman is trying to sell you something that you never really wanted initially, you need to ask yourself this: why do you need this? Where are you going to wear that gorgeous red dress to? Would you rather spend your $30 on some demi jeans or buy a birthday present for your mom? What’s the biggest return? You have to stand up for yourself. You have to say “no” even when the salesman is constantly whispering “yes”. You have to learn to not let other people tell you what to do.
  1. If you want it, get it: You look into the window. You see the “perfect shirt” or whatever. You need a shirt. It’s on sale. But, some of us think twice about it and before we know it, that shirt is already snatched by a stranger. I know in the last point I said to ask yourself why you need something, but if you have asked yourself this question and you can’t think of a reason not to get it (this includes monetary reasons), then go get it. It’s a new year! Don’t let other people take your opportunities away while you stand their gawking and contemplating over things that you’re overthinking.
  2. You are not a mannequin: Look, here’s an important thing: everything looks good on a mannequin. Why? Because they don’t have faces and they’re all the same color. Clothes are cute, especially when they’re by themselves. Mannequins have rock-star Autumn-Fall-Store-Windowbodies and they’re calling to you at the windows: the stores know that. You walk by the shop and you see the clothes, thinking, “Oh, that’s cute.” But would it look cute on me? That’s the real question. Try something on before you buy it: it’ll save you regrets, especially if you don’t like how it fits you. Nobody has the body of a mannequin; only models who starve themselves do. And, let’s be frank: I’d rather have some boobs and a butt rather than becoming anorexic.
  3. Don’t ever shop to rage: This goes for more than just New Years’ day shopping, but may be more applicable to today because this is the day of sales. If you happen to be sad today for any particular reason, do not go shopping. You will probably overspend and regret maxing out your credit cards or making your parents upset at you. Rage shopping only builds on top of itself and the situation will only get worse. Don’t do it to yourself. Always be careful (and conscious!) if you shop, especially when there are loads of sales
  4. You don’t have to buy anything: You’re reading this and getting the wrong idea, probably. But, hear me out: remember, when you were thirteen and it was the first time your mom let you go to the mall without an adult and the first thing you did was run to the most expensive stores and try on elegant clothes that you know you could never downloadafford? Maybe you never did that, but I did that (and still do) all the time! Especially on days like New Years. These days were big sales days and stores wanted to display their best clothing so they can sell them. Perfect opportunity to go steal a dressing room and try on some of these clothes in front of a mirror. Take a selfie on Snapchat and send it to your friends…you don’t have to buy it. It feels good to even just try the clothes on, and then your desperation may be diminished tremendously.

And, remember: money doesn’t always create value. That’s why you need to always ask yourself if you need something. Don’t be a Rebecca Bloomwood 😉

How do you spend your New Years’? Do you rush to the malls to shop or stay at home and chill with a cup of coffee? What else do you do? Comment below!

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