Make a Bucket List

Watch the video: it won’t make sense in the beginning of this post, but read the rest to connect it all. We should all have bucket lists. They don’t have to necessarily be vices, although they should be something risky, and that’s within it’s own definitions.

Summer is like this: we eat the ice cream before we eat the big-ass chunk of meal. Don’t take it as an opportunity to get fat, but rather more like an opportunity for a new start, a chance to do something different. And here’s where I start.

For most of us, our summer vacation has already started as we continue to exist when school is not in session. That means, “Oh my! What am I going to do this summer?” Let me guess: “I’m going to find a job and while I await for them to hire me, I will be lounging on my couch watching bad TV shows since all the good ones already ended and this will probably last until the end of the summer because I’m not going to get hired anyway since the application deadlines were 2 months ago.”

Congrats. That sounds like a great summer.

When we’re in school, I’m not saying we had things to look forward to. It was more like we had things going on that we had to prepare for: tests, competitions, projects, etc. But, now, you’re not in school, so why not come up with something to look forward to?

Stilllife on the beach with sunglasses cocktail in coconut and flip flopYou know what a New Year’s Resolution is? Well, you shouldn’t be setting goals for yourself only at the beginning of the year: you should always be doing it. And since, you’re not in school right now, you should do things that you’ve never tried before. Because guess what? You’re not getting a grade on it.

Do something original, something spontaneous. If you’ve never been to a concert before, go find a friend and just go to the concert. If you’ve never played the harmonica before, go learn how to play it. You don’t have to go to summer school or read a huge list of books.

And if you don’t believe me, think of it like this: what if you die tomorrow or any day? That sounds awfully pessimistic, but just think about it. The future is unpredictable and you never know what could happen. So “YOLO” during the summer is a lot safer than “YOLO” during the year since you’re not screwing up a major test. But “YOLO” also gives a sense of giving yourself something exciting to do or a goal to accomplish. Maybe eating ice cream before dinner would be something you’d like to do because take advantage of everything you have now.

The best part is that these goals can be completely wild and unrealistic and it would be totally okay. It gives us something that we can look up to. For school, nah I would not suggest making unrealistic goals. For these, it would probably be the best since it’s not required to be accomplished and there are so many steps that are unknown to us that we can’t specify in a bucket list. That’s why we can make unrealistic goals though: it’s what we need to keep living instead of not dying.

Here’s my bucket list, which hopefully will inspire you to make your own:

1. Play the guitarsummer vacation 1

2. Write a novel

3. Participate in Slam Poetry

4. Go to Waffle House at 2am

5. Take a spontaneous trip

6. Make a Baked Alaska

7. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live

8. Read 10 Books

9. Watch all the Harry Potter movies without stopping

10. Dance in a flashmob


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