Guest Post Month (Why Networking is Important)

guest post month intro

Alright, I usually post every other day, so today is an off-day for blogging, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. The reason why I’m putting this post up tonight is because tomorrow is the start of a new event on 100 Ways to Write, called Guest Post Month. Every other day in the month of July, I will be featuring a post from a different blogger, regarding themes ranging from poetic shorts to the most recent music jams you haven’t heard, yet.

Why are you doing this, Chelsea?

Well, I’m not lazy, if you could say that. To be honest, blogging is tiring, especially when you’re trying to keep up with consistency. For all you beginning bloggers or start-ups, the key to keeping your followers in your area of blog-land is to make sure that you keep posting. You can’t just post whenever you feel like: the blog then just serves for a place for you to rant to the internet, and nobody really wants to hear what you’re saying because after a long while, it becomes redundant and annoying. So you have to stay consistent: think about what you like. Think about what the audience and your viewers like. Establish a theme. Create a mood. Your blog is like your own playlist shared with the world.

Or with a small network. In my post, How to Write a Guest Post, I really was adamant about having the ability to network and collaborate with other people. Because I’ve guest posted and have asked many other people to guest post for me, I have met so many people just by branching 100 Ways to Write’s arms to all new themes and styles. Her Campus Blogging Network welcomed me with open arms because I was more than willing to share my thoughts and ideas, not because I wanted to make money, but to actually share them.

When was the last time you did something because you honestly liked doing it? A hobby? No, not the one that you gave up months ago, but you keep at it because you love it. No matter what other people say about it.

Yes, Guest Post Month can, in other words, be seen as a break for me, because it is. I’m exhausted, but not because I don’t like sharing my ideas with all of you; I am still a teenager and trying to figure out how to balance my life. Yet, organizing July to be Guest Post Month was also not easy, because it required a lot of networking and coordinating on my part. And I don’t regret that at all.

As a matter of fact, I’m a little psyched to see what my guest bloggers are going to be posting on 100 Ways to Write. Although my voice will not be here for the next 31 days, that doesn’t mean you should go anywhere, because I trust the people who will be here on my site. Their voices are different, like all of yours are from each other, because if they weren’t, then I would have no interest in hosting Guest Post Month.

So stay tuned, awesome nerds! I’ll see you in a month, and be ready to listen to some other fascinating and intriguing bloggers starting tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Guest Post Month (Why Networking is Important)

  1. During the April A-Z Blogging Challenge I had a bunch of guest posters too, and it both added a diversity of voices and gave me a bit of a break (although it was still time-consuming to coordinate all those people!). Good on you for sharing your space.

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