Is the Sword Really Stuck?

CarouselThe Daily Post‘s photo challenge this week is “Inspiration.” This is my first challenge (including writing) ever, so I’m starting out August right (hopefully) by trying new things. The problem is that I don’t think I could explain why I chose this photo from my portfolio to answer the question with just the picture.

You see, I went to Disney World a couple months ago and I remember something WAY back from my childhood about this. If you go past Cinderella’s castle, there’s this big carousel with a podium and a sword in front of it, supposedly replicating the Sorcerer’s Stone scene. And it’s a Disney must-do to try to take the sword out of the podium, even though we all know it’s built in (sorry to spoil it, if you didn’t know that). According to the legend and original story, the boy who pulls it out is the rightful king (#kingarthur).

I’ve always found this to be inspirational. Not because it’s “destiny” that you are the “chosen one” to be the rightful ruler with awesome magical powers, but rather it is hope. The reason why that sword is there, even though you can never pull it out, is to remind people that there is hope. Yes, even though we all know we can’t pull it out, it doesn’t stop anyone from trying. It’s because we all want to know that we have the potential to be “the one.” To be special.

And being special is one of the most inspirational things that anyone could posses or even experience.

One thought on “Is the Sword Really Stuck?

  1. great symbol of hope and inspiration – nice shot. I find I use the weekly photo prompts with a photo and story. I don’t respond to all the weekly prompts, but the ones i can relate to. It also gets me out of my ‘blog bubble’ and see other blogs. Have a great day and a wonderful week.

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